Nelson Honey & Marketing (NZ) Limited

Nelson Honey & Marketing (NZ) Ltd, is a pioneering beekeeping company, where three generations of beekeepers since 1899, have taken their love of bees and New Zealand to produce products that are effective and trustworthy.

We were one of the first New Zealand companies to combine Bee Venom with Manuka Honey to create an amazing product line, Nectar Ease, which is a natural product that goes well beyond nutrition.

An innovative combination of Bee Venom and Manuka Honey established a foundation to our range of skincare products that stimulate the skin, revitalizing and restoring youthful radiance.

And of course our amazing variety of Manuka Honey, available from 30+ right through to 1200+ MG. Our Honey is locally sourced all in-house and is made lovingly by our honeybees. There is sure to be a Honey that will tickle your fancy with a mixture of infused flavor's such as Blackcurrant, Honeydew and our classic Manuka Honey.

You can find out more about Nelson Honey at



+64 3 5224413

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122074 Nelson Honey Alpine Manuka Mouthwash
122075 Nelson Honey Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey
122071 Nelson Honey Bee Pollen Granules
122073 Nelson Honey Bee Propolis
122072 Nelson Honey Bee Propolis Throat Spray
122092 Royal Nectar Bee Venom & Manuka Honey Soap
122088 Royal Nectar Eye Cream
122081 Nelson Honey Forsyth Island Manuka Honey
122082 Nelson Honey Honeycomb
122064 Nelson Honey Honeydew Honey
122062 Nelson Honey Manuka Honey
122091 Royal Nectar Manuka Honey
122069 Nelson Honey Manuka Honey & Blackcurrant
122093 Nelson Honey Manuka Honey Soap
122068 Nelson Honey Manuka Honey with Propolis
122085 Royal Nectar Moisturising Face Lift
122076 Nectar Ease Nectar Ease
122079 Nectar Ease Nectar Ease Balm
122078 Nectar Ease Nectar Ease Buzz & Go
122080 Nectar Ease Nectar Ease On The Go
122077 Nectar Ease Nectar Ease Plus
122083 Royal Nectar Original Face Mask
122084 Royal Nectar Premium Face Mask
122065 Nelson Honey Rainbow Station Multifloral Manuka Honey
122066 Nelson Honey Rainbow Station Multifloral Manuka Honey & Honeydew Honey
122067 Nelson Honey Rainbow Station Multifloral Manuka Honey & West Coast Honey
122086 Royal Nectar Rejuvenating Serum
122089 Royal Nectar Shield Mask
122090 Royal Nectar Skincare Favourite
122087 Royal Nectar Toner
122063 Nelson Honey West Coast Honey
122070 Nelson Honey West Coast Honey & Lemon


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