New Zealand Dairy Collaborative Limited

New Zealand Dairy Collaborative Limited is a newly built facility for manufacturing Oral Nutritive Supplementary Food (ONSF) products in powder form. We are MPI and GACC registered factory dedicated to manufacturing OEM and ODM products for our clients for all demographics including infants, toddlers, sportsmen, pregnant women, and the elderly.

We have a modern, built-for-purpose manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art equipment. We use the latest blending and packaging systems to ensure high-quality and compliant product manufacturing. Our factory is certified to manufacture cow, goat, and sheep milk-powder-based products in different packaging.

We understand that traceability is an essential consideration while buying nutritious food products. Hence, all our products come with an internationally approved traceability with full supply chain verification, allowing consumers to verify product authenticity and origins digitally.


+64 211 885889

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116830 Mumsome Children’s IgG Protein Powder
116829 Mumsome Collagen Peptides Protein Powder
118711 Fineboon Mumsome Family Nutritious Formulated Milk Powder
121473 Carimax Goat Milk Powder
107573 Abron Goat Whole Milk Powder
110082 Abron Goat's Milk Chewable Tablets
116832 Rayaia IgG Protein Powder
118712 Fineboon Mumsome Kids Formulated Milk Powder
116831 Rayaia Lactoferrin/Protein Powder
121472 Carimax Skim Milk Powder
121471 Carimax Whole Milk Powder


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