Healthy Pets: Happy People

Does your pet dog or cat have flakey itchy skin?

Does your furbaby suffer from dry eyes, dull coat, stiff joints or arthritic symptoms?

Would you like a healthy happy pet?


Newflands Hoki fish oil can help support the immune system to reduce pain and improve the quality of life of your fur baby.

Newflands natural freeze-dried treats can give your pets a healthy low-calorie option especially when dealing with obesity and weight maintenance in your household.

Newflands Gravy is just like a healthy version of tomato sauce added to any meal it will make even the fussiest eaters consumer their dinners. It even prevented a loved cat from being put down and got her eating again - see Ginnie's testimonial for that.

Newflands Omega-i is the most potent antioxidant known to man combined with Hoki fish oil all human grade it makes for a supreme health product that others struggle to match.

When only the best will do for your furbaby choose Newflands® 



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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
112590 Newflands Hoki Gravy
106535 Newflands Hoki Oil
117177 Newflands Hoki Topper
109639 Newflands Hoki Treats
114497 Newflands Hoki Treats
108073 Newflands Liver Treats
105395 Newflands Omega-i Oil


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