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We are the proud designers and manufacturers of two pastoral farming products that are sold here in NZ and worldwide. The Batt-Latch gate release timer is a portable solar-powered gate release timer that has an SMS text option for control. It provides a massive ROI for dairy farmers by saving them the time to bring the herd to milking, and drastically reducing lameness issues in many cases. It is also very handy for break feeding various stock types, and for cell grazing.

Our other main product is the GrassMaster Pro drymatter instrument that is easily calibrated on the day to measure the pasture drymatter in paddocks, or trial cultivar plots. It is probably the most accurate instrument of its type, a capacitance probe used like a walking stick. Measures rolling country and stony soils, usable in all weather. Heavily used by agronomists and seed suppliers in their trials.






+64 07 3765658

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
109308 GrassMaster Pro Forage Drymatter Instrument
105792 Batt-Latch Gate Release Timer


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