Nutrakawa New Zealand Limited

Our Nutrakawa brand represents our natural, healthy, handcrafted products made for body, mind and soul.

Our mission is to provide natural product solutions that are healthy, nourishing and meet the needs of our customers.

We selectively and sustainably gather our main plant ingredients from the native hills behind the beautiful, and iconic Bay of Islands in the North Island of New Zealand. We believe in keeping things simple, say what we do and do what we say. We listen to understand and aim to operate in harmony with nature to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.



+64 027 4051310

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116420 Nutrakawa Kawakawa Balm
116421 Nutrakawa Kawakawa Kumarahou Balm
116425 Nutrakawa Kawakawa Kumarahou Hair & Body Soap
116419 Nutrakawa Kawakawa Kumarahou Tonic
116423 Nutrakawa Kawakawa Lime Moisture Balm
116424 Nutrakawa Kawakawa Massage Balm
116418 Nutrakawa Kawakawa Tonic
116422 Nutrakawa Kawakawa Tupakihi Balm


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