OneOne Health Group Limited

OneOne®, the Live Well Company has its roots in the Maori concept of ‘of the earth’. OneOne represents a choice of premium health oriented products all capturing the very best that pure New Zealand has to offer.

We believe ‘OneOne’ best describes what our company wants to achieve – care our land and future.

Being a key member of Food HQ and the Natural Product of New Zealand, OneOne works with wide range of nutritionists and food scientists in to develop good quality nutritional products to support kids’ good healh.

OneOne is certified as the official New Zealand Fernmark Licensee and ambassador for the New Zealand Story. Products of OneOne are strictly certfified by the government and tested by Asure Quality for its origin and good quality.



+64 9 2128518

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115290 OneOne Health Group Limited Colostrum Dairy Milk Chews
118045 OneOne Choco Bite
122984 Oneone Elderberry Yeast β-glucan Drink 10ml
122979 Oneone Fortified Calcium Magnesium Zinc Nutritional Supplement Drink 10ml
122980 Oneone Fortified Iron Nutritional Supplement 10ml
122981 Oneone Fortified Zinc Multivitamin Drink 10ml
122982 Oneone Lutein Esters Blueberry Drink 10ml
115292 OneOne Moo'Chews Dairy Milk Tablets
118010 OneOne OneOne Dairy Milk Chews Natural 120 tabs
118011 OneOne OneOne Dairy Milk Chews Strawberry 120 tabs
115291 OneOne OneOne Dairy Milk Chews with Essential Minerals 120's
117918 OneOne OneOne Dairy Milk Chews with Natural Berries 120's
117919 OneOne OneOne Dairy Milk Chews with Natural Vitamin C 120's
120784 Oneone Oneone DHA Algal Oil Gel Candy 60’s
120781 Oneone Oneone Kids Modified Milk Powder 18g
116668 OneOne OneOne Lactoferrin Formulated Milk Powder 1.5g, 60 sachets
116669 OneOne OneOne Probiotic Solid Beverage 1.5g, 60 sachets
120783 Oneone Oneone Probiotic Solid Beverage with Blueberry 1.5g
120782 Oneone Oneone Probiotic Solid Beverage with Elderberry 1.5g
122983 Oneone Vitamin D3 10ml


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