Oranutrition Limited

Oranutrition is a rising manufacturer in health care industry, located in Auckland, New Zealand – the worldwide famous city of sailboat ,and was immersed in the splendid view and pure environment. Combining advanced production equipment, leading production technology and rigorous production processes and quality control, adhering to the corporate culture of “embrace nature, enjoy purity”, Oranutrition is committed to providing consumers with nutritious and healthy supplements.
Company’s manufacturing and production range covers powders, tablets, liquids and other dosage forms. It undertakes one-stop packaging services from bottling, sealing, capping and labeling.




+64 9 2620135

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115611 Avebest AVEBEST Active Probiotic Solid Drink 1.5g * 45 Sachets
115721 Avebest AVEBEST Calcium Solid Beverage 2.0 g * 45 Sachets
115720 Avebest AVEBEST Compound Emulsifier 40ml/bottle
115613 Avebest Avebest DHA Algal Oil Drop Drink 50ml
115614 Avebest Avebest Lactase 40ml
115612 Avebest Avebest Seaweed Powder Solid Beverage
116110 Bio-Care Bio-Care Calcium Drops 50ml
116116 Bio-Care Bio-Care Compound Emulsifier 15ml
117722 Cheerbuddy Cheerbuddy High Calcium Drops 50ml
115626 Cheerbuddy Cheerbuddy Lactase 15ml
115625 Cheerbuddy Cheerbuddy Lactoferrin 60ml
115616 Enjnure Enjnure Lactoferrin Composite Powder
116111 FernHealth FernHealth DHA Algae Oil Drop 50ml
116115 FernHealth FernHealth Probiotics Drop 10ml
117721 Cheerbuddy Ferrous Rich Drops 50ml
115722 FUHL FUHL Probiotics Drop Bifidobacterium Animalis Bb-12 10ml/bottle
115723 FUHL FUHL Probiotics Drop Bifidobacterium Breve M-16V 10ml/bottle
115724 FUHL FUHL Probiotics Drop Bifidobacterium longum & Pediococcus Pentosaceus 10ml/bottle
116112 Healthyard Healthyard DHA Algal Oil Drops 50ml
117719 Cheerbuddy High Calcium Drops 50ml
115624 Kivistan Kivistan Lactoferrin 50ml
115623 Kivistan Kivistan Probiotic 10ml
115224 Kiviston Kiviston Ca Drop 50ml
115223 Kiviston Kiviston DHA Drop 50mL
115225 Kiviston Kiviston Lactoferrin Drop 50ml
115725 Kiviston Kiviston Probiotic Solid Beverage 1.5 g * 30 Sachets
115726 Kiviston Kiviston Seaweed Powder Solid Beverage 1.5g*60 Sachets
115227 Kiviston Kiviston VD Drop 50ml
115727 Kiviston Kiviston Vitamin D Solid Beverage 1.5 g * 60 Sachets
115226 Kiviston Kiviston Zn Drop 50ml (Oyaster Extract)
116114 Madresita Madresita DHA Algae Oil Drop 50ml
116113 Madresita Madresita Mushroom Liquid Drops 15ml
115617 For Health Life Probiotic 1 10ml
115618 For Health Life Probiotic 2 10ml
115619 For Health Life Probiotic 3 10ml
117724 Cheerbuddy Probiotic Drops
115615 Nekta Probiotic Solid Beverage
115158 SunnyEn SunnyEn Active Probiotics Solid Beverage 1.5g * 45 Sachets
115620 SunnyEn SunnyEn DHA Drop 50ml
115622 SunnyEn SunnyEn Lactase 50ml
115303 SunnyEn SunnyEn Lactoferrin Composite Powder 2.5g*36 Sachets
115621 SunnyEn SunnyEn VD Drop 50ml
117723 Cheerbuddy Vitamin D3 Drops 50ml
117720 Cheerbuddy Zinc Rich Drops 50ml


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