Otago Knitwear Limited

NZ Knitwear manufacturer of anything knitted.  Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Infant and Childrenswear.  Contract design and knit work. 

The company focus is on using quality raw materials and making them into high quality knitwear products.  We use the latest Flatbed knitting technology to make stunning pieces of knitwear.  Some of the machinery we have is capable of Whole Garment (seamless) styles, plus machinery that can knit a huge range of accessories including Hats, Gloves, Scarves and shawls.  This is all done in our Dunedin based factory from a small but highly skilled workforce.




+64 03 477 6068

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
106052 Silverstream Beanie
105708 Classwear Button Cardigan
107023 Silverstream Childrens Mittens
106417 Silverstream Full finger Gloves
107459 Silverstream Infant Gloves
109023 Silverstream Infant Hats
112447 Silverstream Infant Shawl's
110226 Silverstream Mens Cardigan
107435 Silverstream Mens Crew
107406 Silverstream Mens Jacket
110192 Silverstream Mens Jumper
107094 Silverstream Scarf
111337 Classwear School Cardigan
108950 Classwear School Scarf
112830 Classwear School Vest
108959 Classwear V Neck Jersey
113022 Xquisite Women's Beanie
106727 Zaza Women's Cape
105363 Xquisite Women's Cardigan
108454 Silverstream Women's Cardigan
108710 Zaza Women's Cardigan
108422 Silverstream Women's Crew
109095 Xquisite Women's Fingerless Gloves
105527 Xquisite Women's Gloves
105392 Silverstream Women's Jacket
106308 Xquisite Women's Jacket
110340 Zaza Women's Jacket
110419 Silverstream Women's Jumper
109756 Xquisite Women's Jumper
104772 Zaza Women's Jumper
111503 Xquisite Women's Mittens
112260 Silverstream Women's Polo Jumper
107480 Xquisite Women's Poncho
112508 Xquisite Women's Scarf
110802 Zaza Women's Tunic
110823 Silverstream Women's Vest
112070 Classwear Zip Cardigan


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