PaintPlus is the paint with a conscience. For more than thirty years we’ve been innovating and mixing the highest quality paint right here in New Zealand.
And every day since we started – we’ve held the line that long before talk about the planet and sustainability – if a paint can’t be environmentally responsible, if it can’t do a beautiful job without harm, then we won’t make it.
All PaintPlus paints are licensed by Eco Choice Aotearoa, and as a company have achieved Toitu net carbonzero certification – something no other paint company in the world has achieved.
You can have full confidence that by using PaintPlus products you are playing your part in protecting our precious environment.


+64 09 9128474

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122903 PaintPlus AcryGlaze
122904 PaintPlus ArmourGuard®
122931 Timbakote Cedar Pro
122917 PaintPlus Ceiling Flat
122927 PaintPlus Ceiling Flat Pro
122932 Timbakote Deck Pro
122933 Timbakote Durashield
122918 PaintPlus Easy Flow
122919 PaintPlus Easy Flow Kitchen & Bathroom
122908 PaintPlus Easy Sand
122921 PaintPlus Enamel Pro
122912 PaintPlus Fence Guard
122924 Container Coat FloorGuard
122905 PaintPlus Galv Coat
122911 PaintPlus HiBuild 1000
122910 PaintPlus HiBuild 200
122914 PaintPlus HiGuard
122913 PaintPlus HiGuard Roof
122934 Timbakote Lockwood Blond
122922 PaintPlus Low Sheen Pro
122923 Container Coat MarineGuard
122906 PaintPlus Masonry Sealer
122920 PaintPlus MediGuard®
122928 PaintPlus Pigmented Sealer
122907 PaintPlus Quick Prep
122926 Container Coat RustGuard
122929 Timbakote Rustic Basecoat
122909 PaintPlus Seal Coat
122925 Container Coat SteelGuard
122930 Timbakote Timber Pro
122916 PaintPlus Ultra Matt
122915 PaintPlus Winter Coat


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