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Pack Tech Moulding Limited (PTML) is 100% New Zealand owned and operated business with over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing rigid plastic packaging. Our purpose-built factory, based in Rolleston, Christchurch has been designed specifically to meet the needs of those customers that require high quality and strict product safety compliance.

We specialise in the manufacture of rigid plastic packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, supplement, chemical and industrial markets. We have a comprehensive range of standard packaging but we also have the capability to complete product and mould designs for bespoke packaging solutions. We have specialist equipment to enable us to offer the wide range of packaging we manufacture. We are able to provide decoration on many of our packaging solutions, this decoration process is fully automated and involves the inclusion of a pre-printed polypropylene label during the moulding process.

PTML is very focused on doing the right thing when it comes to the planet and as such we ensure that all our packaging is manufactured from recyclable plastics and have been specifically chosen to meet the quality requirements of our customers. This focus has recently extended to the collection of our carbon emissions data and his has enhanced our decision making when it comes to new products and manufacturing methods.

Pack Tech prides itself on being a solution-based provider assisting in the whole process from start to finish.


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