Pani Limited

Pani wildcrafts rongoā based natural healing balms. All native plants are gathered using traditional rongoā practices to create small handcrafted batches of balm. Our Māori healing balms include: Skin healing balms, Natural Sleep Balms, Pain Balms and Stress  Relief Balm.



+64 21 0679396

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116435 Pani Balms Kātoitoi - Rapid Injury Recovery Balm
116429 Pani Balms Kūmarahou - Congestion Clearing Balm
116432 Pani Balms Mahu - Skin Healing Balm
116430 Pani Balms Mamaku - Skin Repair Balm
116427 Pani Balms Manukawa - Skin Rescue Balm
116431 Pani Balms Māriri - Muscle and Soft Tissue Pain Relief
116428 Pani Balms Moemoeā Nui - Adult Sleep Balm
116436 Pani Balms Moemoeā Tamariki - Child Sleep Balm
116434 Pani Balms Pārore - Muscle Pain Relief and Relaxant
116433 Pani Balms Pōpō - Stress Relief Balm


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