Premium Petware

Premium Petware, a kiwi owned business.  Need a quality dog lead, buy a Mendota from us.  Want NZ dog treats, suss us out. Want personal contact with the 2 owners, that's us. Want to help support our dream and shop with a NZ small business, this is us.



+64 27 2692557

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
121889 Addiction Cat Food Addiction Cat Food
121888 Addiction Dog Food Addiction Dog Food
121895 Back to Nature Back to Nature Dog Treats
121914 Bayer Bayer Bomazeal Mobilize for Dogs
121874 Superior Petfood Co Beef Bully Sticks 30cm
121984 Superior Petfood Co Beef Liver 100g
121898 Big Mountain Big Mountain Dried Rabbit/Hare Ears
121960 Biophive Biophive Busy Bones
121876 Biophive Biophive Goat Ears
121959 Biophive Biophive Smoked Pigs Ear Slice
121877 Biophive Biophive Smoked Venison Ears
121942 Biophive Biophive Venison Tounge Slice 100g
121963 Topflite Bird Feeders
121964 Topflite Bird Seeds
121921 CanineCare Prebiotic CanineCare Prebiotic
121922 CanineCare Probiotic CanineCare Probiotic
121892 Omega Plus Cat Food
121893 Omega Plus Dog Food
121961 Superior Chunky Dog Rolls
121894 Awesome Pawsome Dog Treats
121916 Earthz Pet Earthz Pet Vitality Gravy
121920 EquineCare Prebiotic EquineCare Prebiotic
121919 EquineCare Probiotic EquineCare Probiotic
121872 Faithful Frank Faithful Frank Dog Soap
121891 Flee Flea Flee Flea Natural Deterrent
121900 Genius Genius Salmon Dog Food
121890 Happypet Happypet Venison Dog Treats/Chews
121901 Happypet Happypet Venison Health Supplements
121879 Mates 4 Life Kiss-It-Better Healing Balm
121925 Korure Korure Pet Cat Treats
121924 Korure Korure Pets Dog Treats
123051 Mighty Mix Dog Roll Mighty Mix Dog Roll
123046 Mighty Mix Dog Biscuits Mighty Mix Family
123047 Mighty Mix Dog Biscuits Mighty Mix Large Dog
123045 Mighty Mix Dog Biscuits Mighty Mix Nourish
123050 Mighty Mix Frozen Mighty Mix Raw Frozen Concentrate
123049 Mighty Mix Tonic Mighty Mix Tonic
123048 Mighty Mix Dog Treats Mighty Mix Tumeric Dog Treats
121910 Native Neem Native Neem Organic Neem Pet Shampoo
121878 NRG+ NRG+ Dog & Puppy Health Supplement
121913 Nutreats Nutreats Cat Treats
121912 Nutreats Nutreats Dog Treats
121982 Superior Petfood Co NZ Chicken Necks 100g
121866 Superior Petfood Co NZ Lamb Lung Marshmallow Dog Treats 100g
121869 Superior Petfood Co NZ Pig Snouts
121867 Superior Petfood Co NZ Pigs Ears
121868 Superior Petfood Co NZ Pigs Trotters
121904 Odorex Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator
121905 Odorex Odorex Cat Odour Eliminator
121908 Odorex Odorex Deodorising Pet Shampoo
121906 Odorex Odorex Dog Deodoriser
121907 Odorex Odorex Pet Cleanup
121903 Odorex Odorex Stain Detector Torch
121902 Odorex Odorex Stain Detector Torch
121935 Omega Plus Omega Plus Cat Food
121934 Omega Plus Omega Plus Cat Treats
121933 Omega Plus OmegaPlus Dog Treats
121928 Pet Magic Pet Magic
121899 Provida Provida Dog Health Supplements
121911 Tagiwig Tagiwig Natural Remedies
121875 Toggenburgnz Toggenburgnz Dog Booties
121918 Tu Meke Friend Tu Meke Friend Dog Treats
123029 Ultra Dog Food Ultra Adult Full Maintenance Buttons
123030 Ultra Dog Food Ultra Adult Full Maintenance Nuggets
121943 Biophive Venison Ribs 100g
121932 Vetpro Vetpro Aloe Cool Gel
121909 Vetpro Vetpro Natural Fly Repellent
121931 Vetpro Vetpro Waterless Horse Shampoo
121930 Washbar Washbar Flea Repellent
121926 Washbar Washbar Horse & Hound Soap
121927 Washbar Washbar Mighty Mite Leg Spray
121962 Topflite Wild Bird Products
121923 Wishbone Wishbone Cat Food
121915 Zeal Zeal Dog Treats
121929 Zealandia Zealandia Cat Food


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