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Prolan NZ are the manufacturers of natural environmentally friendly industrial lanolin lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and anti-seize greases. The main ingredient of Prolan is lanolin (natural wool grease), one of the most versatile natural substances on the planet. . It is the unique ability of the lanolin in Prolan that penetrates into metal components that prevents corrosion. Prolan’s natural products reduce costs, protect tools, plant and machinery for longer, increase productivity and are safe and easy to apply. At the same time, Prolan ticks all the boxes for being an environmentally friendly lubricant, which has international food grade approvals.
Prolan has multiple uses and has proven successes in the engineering, agricultural, electrical and marine industries to preserve lubricate and protect against corrosion. The range of Prolan products come in both lanolin liquid – ‘Enduro Medium’, ‘Enduro Heavy’ and ‘Extreme’ – each providing different properties depending on the protection required. Prolan when applied to a vehicle chassis is excellent as a rust preventative improving COF & WOF checkouts on 4 WD, fertiliser loaders, boat trailers, truck, bus and motorhome chassis. Prolan ‘Anti-seize greases’ are all natural products that are excellent used during assembly of components, as a barrier to prevent galling on stainless steel threads, as an added electrolysis barrier between dissimilar metals and in and around electrical connections to prevent moisture penetration and corrosion. These natural NZ made products have proved themselves time and time again in fighting the battle against rust.

Today Prolan products manufactured in New Zealand are exported around the world and used in the coldest and toughest of environments to protect machinery, vehicles and equipment. Prolan will protect your assets – increase their resale value and help save time on maintenance. With the growing trend in the marketplace today for cleaner greener lubricants and corrosion inhibitors for the user and workplace Prolan ticks all the boxes.
Prolan a product taken from nature to protect nature! Made here in NZ - Real product, Real people Real performance – Try sheep n a can!


+64 7 5480823

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
118732 Prolan Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade
118731 Prolan Prolan Enduro Medium Grade
118733 Prolan Prolan Extreme
118735 Prolan Prolan hard grease
118730 Prolan Prolan Light Grade
118734 Prolan Prolan soft grease


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