Pūtahi Innovations Limited

Pūtahi is a meeting place between the landscape, peoples or ideas, Pūtahi Innovations is a meeting place between problems and solutions; we are a Social Enterprise that supports other social enterprise start ups that develop purposeful products & services.

Pūtahi Innovations Limited was founded during the PASIFIKA Start-up Weekend in Porirua 2017, to support our own idea, a smartphone app Cheap Kai; an intuitive shopping list app that shows the cheapest priced items and their location, making it easier to plan your weekly grocery shopping, users would become part of a community of like-minded frugal shoppers. Since then we have evolved to support other startups, startup weekends, incubators and business well-being initiatives.

Te Ao Māori business concepts are embedded within our structure and practices, which reflects our commitment to support social enterprise startup products & services;
Rangatiratanga is the guardianship of our products and services,
Pūtake is developing purposeful products and services,
Tikanga are correct use of business protocols,
Manaakitanga is caring and supporting our staff and customers.




+64 021 0719427

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117947 Cheap Kai Cheap Kai


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