Purrfect Palaces

Purrfect Palaces is a small business delivering high-quality pet enrichment furniture and toys for your furry friends.

We started Purrfect Palaces because a few friends saw the castles we’d built for our rabbits. Having four indoor rabbits we wanted to give them enrichment in a way that encourages their natural behaviours. They love hopping on to, over and through their castles, or just snoozing on the top in the sun.

Our rabbit castles, furniture and enrichment toys are available now and we’re currently working on a range for cats as well. Choose from our modular furniture or get in touch if you’d like something custom built to suit your space and dreams.

All of our products are handmade to order by me at home in New Zealand. Shipped flat packed, each piece is easy to assemble with simple instructions – just screw it together. For those in Wellington, you can opt for local pick up – where you can have it flat or assembled.


+64 21 1744584

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120829 Purrfect Palaces Bunny pellet gym
120830 Purrfect Palaces Bunny treat tree
120827 Purrfect Palaces Rabbit castle
120824 Purrfect Palaces Rabbit digging box
120828 Purrfect Palaces Rabbit fort
120825 Purrfect Palaces Rabbit hay feeder
120831 Purrfect Palaces Rabbit hay feeder and litter tray combo
120823 Purrfect Palaces Rabbit sleeping box
120826 Purrfect Palaces Rabbit tunnel


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