Rapid Labels Limited

Rapid Labels is a label manufacturing company based in Auckland's North Shore. Rapid produces labels for several markets – wine, honey and beer labels, food and beverage, thermal labels, laser, pharmacy and custom made labels for companies throughout NZ. We are also pros at installing and servicing thermal transfer printers – holding a full range of Zebra parts.

With over 50 years in the label business, speed and quality go hand in hand at Rapid Labels and we have a team of label experts available to help you. We are continually pushing the boundaries with our innovative and award winning approach to labels. Our latest innovation project – the Rapid Remix showcases a range of innovations, embellishments and label materials in a unique way. Contact us to book a private viewing.

Our environmental efforts are showcased in our expanding sustainable label paper range which encompass Rapid's 5 'R's for a sustainable future. It's important that we find sustainable solutions to labels and the liner waste. Talk to us about these options.


+64 9 4141700

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
118194 Rapid Labels Beverage Labels
118205 Rapid Labels Courier Labels
118202 Rapid Labels Craft Beer Labels
118207 Rapid Labels Custom Labels
118206 Rapid Labels Embellished Labels
118203 Rapid Labels Environmental Labels
118196 Rapid Labels FMCG Labels
118192 Rapid Labels Food Labels
118195 Rapid Labels Home and Personal Care Labels
118197 Rapid Labels Honey Labels
118193 Rapid Labels Industrial Labels
118204 Rapid Labels Nutraceutical Labels
118199 Rapid Labels Pharmaceutical Labels
118198 Rapid Labels Pharmacy Labels
118200 Rapid Labels Thermal Labels
118201 Rapid Labels Wine Labels


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