Rockbond Special Concrete Products Limited

Rockbond is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of high strength cementitious products, innovative concrete admixtures, and concrete surface treatments. We have been supplying the concrete construction industry in New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Australia with quality products since 1996. Rockbond supply the civil construction, commercial construction, rock & grout, repair & strengthening, and precast concrete industries.

Our Company Purpose..."Improving the Strength & Lifetime of Concrete"...both inspires our team to be the best in our field, and keeps us focused on providing world-class technical support and service to our clients and design engineers.

Rockbond is an innovative manufacturing company that remains independent and flexible, giving you a guarantee of excellent service and the assurance that proprietors sre fully involved in day-to-day operations.



+64 4 5685401

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116823 Rockbond 290-190 Epoxy Grout System (3 part)
116824 Rockbond 290-190 Epoxy Tie Coat System (3 part)
116800 Rockbond A220 Expansion Agent (supp. in 12 x 1kg w/soluble bags)
116790 Rockbond Bio-Lease
116805 Rockbond CC Accelerator
116801 Rockbond Cement Accelerator
116806 Rockbond CF Accelerator
116786 Rockbond Concrete Conditioner
116803 Rockbond Crete-Blaster (non-corrosive cleaner)
116804 Rockbond Ecomask – Water-based Masking Agent
116822 Rockbond Epoxy Mortar System (2 part)
116796 Rockbond Evaporation Retarder
116820 Rockbond Fairing Coat (Concrete-Match Finishing compound)
116782 Rockbond Fastrock Accelerated Grout
116784 Rockbond Fastrock Super Accelerated Mortar
116788 Rockbond Form Release
116812 Rockbond GP Grout - Plus (70MPa+)
122558 Rockbond Heritage Mortar
116799 Rockbond Hyper-Plasticiser N (High-range PCE plasticiser)
116817 Rockbond Industrial Floor Screed
116785 Rockbond Latex Concentrate
116795 Rockbond Membrane Cure
116787 Rockbond Primer for Steel
122555 Rockbond Pumping Grout HF
116814 Rockbond Repair Concrete (60MPa)
116815 Rockbond Repair Mortar (60MPa/Fibre reinforced)
116809 Rockbond Retarder
116794 Rockbond Slabcure (Clear silicate-based cure)
122554 Rockbond Sprayed Concrete HS
116813 Rockbond Super-Flow Grout (95MPa)
116808 Rockbond Super-Plasticiser
116791 Rockbond Surface Retarder
116792 Rockbond Surface Retarder-Plus
116793 Rockbond Surface Retarder-Plus - EXTRA
122556 Rockbond Thixotropic Grout
116816 Rockbond Underwater Mortar (suitable for use on damp concrete)
122557 Rockbond Waterproof Mortar
116821 Rockbond Waterproofing Admixture (A702)


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