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Rock-it Boards is a small company based in Hawkes Bay. We have designed a beautiful, NZ - original curved wooden board called the "rock-it ". This board is receiving wide acclaim not only as a finely crafted quality product, but for its unique capacity as a low-impact balance and exercise board across the ages.


For adults the rock-it provides a simple, effective and fun way to exercise. This simple curved rocking board creates a unique rhythmic way for almost anyone, any age, to add more active movement into daily life. Strengthening and improving balance, core strength, joint mobility, coordination and overall fitness and well-being, rock-it boards work to stimulate both body and brain. At home, in the workplace, in therapy and rehab, they can bring a whole new dimension of activity into sedentary lives, enhancing fitness and well-being in an easy and delightful way.

Children too are hugely attracted to play and move on rock-it boards. The inviting curved board appeals strongly to the young child, meeting their need and desire to move, play, build or just to rest, curled up in the board with a blanket or a book! The boards are widely used in education, especially Early Childhood, where they are recognised as an excellent developmental resource for brain and body development, as well as for creative open-ended play.

At Rock-it Boards, we pride ourselves on our NZ made, sustainable image. All materials used are natural and non toxic. We take great pride and care in the quality of our craftsmanship and customer relations. Visit our online store @ or call M 0272015005




+64 027 2015005

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114519 Rock-it Boards Curved Wooden Exercise and Balance Boards for Adults and Children


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