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1992 was the beginning, 28 years on and SCULLYS has become a household name. Judy & Gerry Scully were inspired by Lavender fields abroad and decided to turn inspiration into reality. Fields of blue soon became the landscape on their rural property 5km from Bulls in the heart of the Rangitikei New Zealand. This flourished into a blooming business.

Lavandula Angustafolia was harvested and the oil in the unique Bath, Body and Home products. Other ranges developed including Bulgarian Rose, Blush Peony and Gardenia. Products have been designed to be nourishing, moisturizing and enhancing to Body and Home.



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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116258 SCULLYS Baby 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml
116259 SCULLYS Baby Bath Wash 250ml
116260 SCULLYS Baby Body Lotion in Tube 100gm
116255 SCULLYS Baby Botty Balm 50gms
116256 SCULLYS Baby Massage Oil 100ml
116257 SCULLYS Baby Soap 75gms
116271 SCULLYS Blush Peony Artisan Rose Soap 150gm
116290 SCULLYS Blush Peony Body Balm 130gm
116249 SCULLYS Blush Peony Body Wash 300ml
116269 SCULLYS Blush Peony Hand and Body Cream 130gm
116211 SCULLYS Blush Peony Hand Cream in Tube 75gm
116279 SCULLYS Blush Peony Hand Wash 300ml
116222 SCULLYS Blush Peony Moisturising Soap 150gm
116238 SCULLYS Blush Peony Moisturising Twin Soap
116292 SCULLYS Blush Peony Nail Balm 25gm
116229 SCULLYS Blush Peony Perfume Drawer Twin Sachet
116272 SCULLYS Blush Peony Pink Linen Soap 150gm
116243 SCULLYS Blush Peony Small Hand Cream in Tube 30gm
116221 SCULLYS Blush Peony Talcum Powder 130gm
116287 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Bath and Body Oil 300ml
116231 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Bath Salts 250gm
116285 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Body Lotion Milk 300ml
116301 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Face Mist 100ml
116277 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Glycerine Soap 100gm
116265 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Hand and Body Cream 130gm
116212 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Hand Cream in Tube 75gm
116280 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Hand Wash 300ml
116225 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Moisturising Soap 150gm
116239 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Moisturising Twin Soap
116227 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Perfume Drawer Twin Sachet
116295 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Room Spray 120mls
116267 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Sensual Massage Wax 130gm
116251 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Shower and Bath Wash 300ml
116242 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Small Hand Cream in Tube 30gm
116235 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Soy Candle 180gm
116219 SCULLYS Bulgarian Rose Talcum Powder 130gm
116261 SCULLYS Gardeners Foot and Leg Peppermint Cream 130gms
116262 SCULLYS Gardeners Lavender Hand Cream 130gms
116268 SCULLYS Gardeners Lavender Hand Cream in Gift Box 130gms
116274 SCULLYS Gardeners Lavender Soap in box 140gms
116232 SCULLYS Gardenia Bath Salts 250gm
116213 SCULLYS Gardenia Hand Cream in Tube 75gm
116281 SCULLYS Gardenia Hand Wash 300ml
116223 SCULLYS Gardenia Moisturising Soap 150gm
116240 SCULLYS Gardenia Moisturising Twin Soap
116228 SCULLYS Gardenia Perfume Drawer Twin Sachet
116252 SCULLYS Gardenia Shower and Bath Wash 300ml
116241 SCULLYS Gardenia Small Hand Cream in Tube 30gm
116236 SCULLYS Gardenia Soy Candle 180gm
116220 SCULLYS Gardenia Talcum Powder 130gm
116302 SCULLYS Green Tea Face Mist 100ml
116286 SCULLYS Lavender Bath and Body Oil 300ml
116233 SCULLYS Lavender Bath Salts 250gm
116284 SCULLYS Lavender Body Lotion Milk 300ml
116246 SCULLYS Lavender Essential Oil 12ml
116299 SCULLYS Lavender Face Mist 100ml
116253 SCULLYS Lavender Furniture Polish 130gm
116275 SCULLYS Lavender Glycerine Soap 100gms
116264 SCULLYS Lavender Hand and Body Cream 130gms
116210 SCULLYS Lavender Hand Cream in Tube 75gm
116254 SCULLYS Lavender Hand Scrub 70gms
116278 SCULLYS Lavender Hand Wash 300ml
116282 SCULLYS Lavender Hand Wash Refill 250ml
116296 SCULLYS Lavender Linen Water Spray 150ml (NZ Only)
116297 SCULLYS Lavender Linen Water Spray Refil 500ml (NZ Only)
116288 SCULLYS Lavender Lip Balm 15gm
116247 SCULLYS Lavender Massage Oil Relaxing 125ml
116224 SCULLYS Lavender Moisturising Soap 150gm
116237 SCULLYS Lavender Moisturising Twin Soap
116263 SCULLYS Lavender Peppermint Foot and Leg Sports Cream 130gms
116226 SCULLYS Lavender Perfume Drawer Twin Sachet
116266 SCULLYS Lavender Relaxing Massage Wax 130gm
116293 SCULLYS Lavender Room Spray 120ml
116248 SCULLYS Lavender Shower and Bath Wash 300ml
116245 SCULLYS Lavender Sleep Aid 15ml
116244 SCULLYS Lavender Small Hand Cream in Tube 30gm
116234 SCULLYS Lavender Soy Candle 180gm
116218 SCULLYS Lavender Talcum Powder 130gm
116276 SCULLYS Lemon and Lavender Glycerine Soap 100gm
116300 SCULYS Mens Shaving Skincare Oil 100ml
116214 SCULLYS Natural Lip Balm with Vanilla 30gm
116215 SCULLYS Natural Therapy Hay Balm 30gm
116216 SCULLYS Natural Therapy Healing Balm 80gm
116217 SCULLYS Natural Therapy Muscle Balm 80gm
116291 SCULLYS Red Fig and Vanilla Body Balm 130gm
116250 SCULLYS Red Fig and Vanilla Body Wash 300ml
116298 SCULLYS Red Fig and Vanilla Candle 180gm
116230 SCULLYS Red Fig and Vanilla Hand Cream in Tube 75gm
116289 SCULLYS Red Fig and Vanilla Lip Balm 10mg
116273 SCULLYS Red Fig and Vanilla Moisturising Soap 150gm
116294 SCULLYS Red Fig and Vanilla Room Spray 120ml
116270 SCULLYS Red Fig and Vanilla Twin Soap
116283 SCULLYS Rose Hand Wash Refill 250ml


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