Skyebird Foods Limited

We knew that food - the right food - can be healing. Our youngest daughter Skye was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and we had to learn how to support her. As a family, we set out on a mission to find foods that Skye could safely eat that would help to maintain normal blood sugar levels. We discovered that we could truly have it all - delicious and nutritious foods - even the treats - by following a low carb, keto diet.

What’s inside our food impacts what goes on in our bodies, how we feel, and our energy levels. At Skyebird Foods, we create delicious, healthy keto foods, using only wholesome low carb ingredients, optimally balanced in all of our recipes.

Our keto products are the result of extensive research, experimentation and rigorous testing so you can be certain of the exact amount of carbs, protein, sugar and fat in every finished product.


+64 021 1859554

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
117925 Skyebird Foods ANZAC Biscuit
117924 Skyebird Foods Caramel Creme Cookie
117926 Skyebird Foods Chocolate Chip Cookie
117927 Skyebird Foods Dark Chocolate Cookie


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