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Sock Makers 2020 Ltd is a family operated business run from a factory still situated only 25 Km from Auckland CBD and is proud

One of the top socks manufacturer in New Zealand. The Sowndra have been involved with textiles for over 20 years and have an in-depth knowledge of the construction of a product that is the hardest part of the body to design for. Through this experience, we are able to design socks that are exceptional in every category. 
Sock Makers Limited Situated in the heart of Auckland City is a powerhouse of design and innovation in the sock field. You can see their work throughout New Zealand on playgrounds at your local school, sports fields, runners and the catwalks.

This unique family owned and operated business focus's its time on design and development constantly developing knitting and design techniques to test the outer limits of the machines capacity with a dedicated design and development team headed up by Sowndra Palanisamy.

“Making any sock that looks good and feels great the first time you put it on, is easy. We look at the sock after 8 to ten washing/wear cycles and look at the fit and performance through the cycles to produce a sock that performs for the life of the product. Applying our design techniques over all our ranges to improve the products we have existing, gives S.M.L an ever-evolving product and the ability to think outside the box when challenged with new design’s “ Sowndra 

 S.M.L Fenix Plus advanced sportswear line that uses our newly developed Fit 5 System is high-performance merino wool based product range that is designed for specific sports and the demands that are placed on the player during the sports movement. 

The 5 technologies and techniques that get the sock to perform at the highest rates of peak performance are

1st principle (Fit) 

There are a million kinds of feet from broad to narrow and we understand that fit is important. So our design team works on ways of providing better fit by introducing fibres and technologies that conform to your foot type. 

2nd principle (Fibre) 

Fibre is essential for overall performance and we select the best for purpose yarn available to get the most out of the design. 

3rd principle (Design for purpose) 

This is the simple act of measuring how the product will last over time giving you better value out of a product. 

4th principle (movement)  

The human foot has 26 bones and 127 ligaments creating allot of movement depending on what you are doing and all the movements are different.   That is why we try to take a 'whole sock' approach to give you a sock the tappers to your foot no matter what type of foot or movement you are doing. 

5th principle (Feeling) 

A sock is only as good as the feeling you get when you slip it onto your foot, this is by far the most important principle to a great pair of socks.

We apply these principles to all our sock design in all our fields including Schools that we produce high-quality socks for kids all over New Zealand.

“ Sock Makers produces a range in nearly every category. We have a range in school wear, workwear, team and individual sports, business, street/urban, outdoor and more. All utilising our principles and technology to get a sock that provides a great product in every category.”  

For a complete Sock Makers catalogue or if you are interested in challenging us with a new design range please email



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