Specialist Wheels and Castors Limited

We source quality replacement wheels, castors, tyres and inner tubes from the best suppliers around the world including Fallshaw, Kenda and Primo. We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We supply tyres and tubes for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, wheelbarrows and replacement wheels for beach trolley's, trailer jockey's, lawnmowers or even your home BBQ – SWC offers all solutions for your rolling needs. We offer the complete range of Fallshaw wheels and castors, Kenda specialty tyres and inner tubes, Primo solid and pneumatic tyres, bearings, twin wheel furniture castors, levelling feet and tube ends.


+64 9 5730160

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
122259 200mm HDPE Polyethylene Wheel 200mm HDPE Polyethylene Wheel
122836 200mm Heavy Duty HDPE Polyethylene Wheel 200mm Heavy Duty HDPE Polyethylene Wheel
122837 250mm HDPE Polyethylene Wheel 250mm HDPE Polyethylene Wheel


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