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Speedfloor is a suspended concrete floor system using a cold formed steel joist as an integral part of the final concrete and steel composite floor. The Speedfloor suspended concrete floor system combines the properties of the concrete and steel to their best advantage. The steel joist depth and the concrete thickness are varied depending on the required span, imposed loads and other functional considerations. Quick and easy to install with un-propped spans up to 8.5m, Speedfloor's suspended concrete floor system reduces structural support by increasing beam spacing resulting in a reduction in time and materials. Speedfloor uses less concrete and less steel for any given span, making it a wise economic and environmental choice when designing buildings.

The Speedfloor Steel Joist system is an engineered floor joist solution providing exceptional performance and construction efficiency. The steel joist system has been designed for strength and ease of installation while offering economical spanning performance that is adaptable to a wide variety of building designs and construction methods.

Speedfloor's Transportable Concrete Floor System is an engineered solution for modular off-site pre-fabricated residential and commercial applications.


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