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Spose clip is a multi-purpose clip which helps you with garden watering or outdoor cleaning. Spose clip attaches a hose to an upright spade to act as a sprinkler system for you garden. It will also attach a hose to a broom to be used as a hose brush for washing your home or car. 

Spose clip was created out of resourcefulness and a bit of kiwi ingenuity. We were tired of spending money on flimsy sprinkler systems, while finding a hose duct taped to a spade was doing a better job. Once we created our first clip, we knew it was something we had to share with the world. We wanted to be able to encourage others to use what you already have for your outdoor tasks. This will be financially and environmentally better for everyone!

Our Spose Clips are proudly NZ made from recycled plastic. Manufacturing in New Zealand helps our economy, but also reduces our carbon footprint by not having to ship international. We have made our clips from recycled plastic to ensure the plastic has a second life rather than sitting in a landfill.


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