Supermega Market Ltd

At Supermega Market Limited (New Zealand), we strive to assure our customers that every aspect of our business from the production area to our valued customers to maintaining a controlled warehousing facility for your foodservice and consumer needs is constantly being monitored by our quality control and safety engineers. 

Food safety is our utmost concern and we continually maintain a safe HACCP Program and Risk Management Program including our own stringent Health and Safety Procedures when handling any perishable or non-perishable product.

Triamour and its sub-brands Lotcare, RainbowLand and GROAR are originated from the one of the most pristine countries in the world, New Zealand.  Our products target both the middle-class and high-end demographics, offering mid-range products such as milk powder and tablets and high-end products such as colostrum milk powder, goats milk powder and specialty milk tablets. As a proud kiwi trademark, Triamour is happy to share the best dairy products made right here in New Zealand to the world.



+64 9 9300091

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116986 Triamour Colostrum Milk Bites
116987 Triamour Complementary Nutrition Supplement
116988 Triamour Hydrolysis Whey Protein & Lactoferrin Drink
116989 Triamour Lactase9000
116990 Triamour Lactoferrin Formulated Goat Milk Drink
116991 Triamour Lactoferrin Formulated Milk Powder
116992 Triamour Milk & Chocolate Bites
116993 Triamour Probiotic Solid Beverage
116994 Triamour Probiotics Drink (plastic bottle)
116995 Triamour Pure Colostrum Powder
116996 Triamour Triamour Colostrum Milk Powder
116997 Triamour Triamour Goat Milk Bites
116998 Triamour Triamour Goat Milk Ice Cream Powder
116999 Triamour Triamour Goat Milk Nutrition Powder
117000 Triamour Triamour Goat Milk Powder
117001 Triamour Triamour GROAR Fully Balanced Formulated Milk Bites
117002 Triamour Triamour GROAR Fully Balanced Formulated Nutritional Powder
117003 Triamour Triamour GROAR Nutrition Ice Cream Powder
117004 Triamour Triamour Ice Cream Powder
117005 Triamour Triamour Lactoferrin & Sheep Milk Powder
117006 Triamour Triamour Lite Ice Cream Powder
117007 Triamour Triamour Lotcare Pure New Zealand Colostrum & Milk Bites
117008 Triamour Triamour Lotcare Skim Milk Instant Powder
117009 Triamour Triamour Lotcare Whole Milk Instant Powder
117010 Triamour Triamour Lotcare Whole Milk Instant Powder Fortified with Vitamin A & D
117011 Triamour Triamour Premier Milk Bites
117012 Triamour Triamour Pure Colostrum Milk Powder
117013 Triamour Triamour Pure Organic Full Cream Organic Milk Powder
117014 Triamour Triamour Sheep Milk Bites
117015 Triamour Triamour Sheep Milk Powder


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