Svord Knives Ltd

Svord Knives was started by Bryan Baker in 1982, he was trained by a Czech cutler.

Svord Knives are exported to USA , Australia and Germany, and are widely available through most sporting retailers in New Zealand, Svord make the famous Peasant Folding knife. The steel used is either Swedish high carbon or stainless razor blade steel.

Handles are wood , polypropylene and micarta, and the deluxe knives feature brass guards and vege tan leather sheaths.


+64 09 2358846

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
118042 Svord Custom Branded Knives
118039 Svord Custom Knives
118034 Svord Deluxe Sporting Knives
118035 Svord Economy Sporting Knives
118038 Svord Kitchen Knives
118036 Svord Kiwi Knives
118040 Svord Peasant Knives
118037 Svord Pro-Chefs Knives
118041 Svord Zero Metal Peasant Knives


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