Swiftform Products Ltd

Welcome to SwiftDry Clotheslines!
We're a NZ family owned and operated business - based in Canterbury, New Zealand.

We asked ourselves how clotheslines can be as Strong, Effective and Awesome as possible? ... so with a history of engineering genius, and a passion for innovation, here we are, bringing the best Clotheslines to you.

Most of our components and products are manufactured in-house, while some parts production is outsourced to local and international suppliers

Air-drying clothes is part of our Kiwi heritage. Making a positive contribution to our environment, and even household budgets.
SwiftDry has taken these ideals to heart. Understanding the day-to-day satisfaction of bringing in fresh, crisp, line dried washing, and the importance to our environment.

We love what we do, and we hope you do too!




+64 21 754986

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
116173 SwiftDry Coast Line T Bar Clothesline
116175 SwiftDry Lifestyle Colonial Clothes Airer
116178 SwiftDry Dandy Line T Bar Clothesline
116174 SwiftDry Stream Line Wall Mount Clothesline
122675 SwiftDry Lifestyle SwiftDry Folding Laundry Rack
122676 SwiftDry SwiftDry MobiLine Clothesline
122677 SwiftDry SwiftDry SkyLine Clothesline


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