Elemental Solutions Group Limited

Tanksalot is a manufacturer of premium, sustainable rainwater storage solutions and related products.
Our Aquaplate corrugated steel water tanks are custom made in our factory in Silverdale, Auckland and supplied nation-wide.

We use Bluescope Aquaplate Steel, designed specifically for the use in water tanks and backed by a manufacturers 20 year anti-corrosion warranty. All products manfcatured (e.g. tanks, garden beds and water features) also use this premium and specialist material, creating premium, long lasting products that are also sustainable and fully recyclable.

We are proudly NZ owned and operated.


+64 9 4275281

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
123380 Tanksalot Firewood Storage Firewood Storage Shed
123409 Tanksalot Rain Gardens
123378 Tanksalot Garden Beds Raised Garden Beds
123379 Tanksalot Water Features Water Features
123377 Tanksalot Tanks Water Tanks


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