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The Block Dock makes it easy to ditch single-use plastic bottles and switch to solid bars.
Who wants to suffer through soggy soaps and scummy dishes in the bathroom? No thank you.

Now thousands of years since soaps invention, there comes a superlative solution from Southland: The Block Dock vertical soap dish and shampoo bar holder is turning soap storage on its head! 

Designed for quick draining and all-side airflow, bars dry faster and last longer. There’s less waste, less mess and more value from every bar ever stored in it. All this from a buy once, use forever soap storage solution.

The Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish and Shampoo Bar Holder is available in a range of colours and finishes. Designed by Riverton’s Clare Wilson, made in Dunedin, they receive their final touches and are boxed by the terrific team at Southland disAbility Enterprises.

A unique, new solution to an age old problem, the Block Dock is available at You'll find a range of other stylish, practical and sustainable solutions there too.



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116172 The Block Dock Shampoo Bar Holder
116171 The Block Dock Vertical Soap Dish


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