The Costume Studio Ltd

The Mask Studio has emerged during 2020 as we experience extraordinary times around the world. We have called on our hands on knowledge over the past 35 years of manufacturing some of the best Mascots and Costumes in NZ and turned it into a Face Mask making operation. 

We use local manufacturers as much as we can, our elastic is woven in Auckland specifically to meet our needs, our fabric suppliers are local and all our professional sewers have been part of our team for many years so we know they produce a quality product. We support NZ made as much as we can. 

We are updating our range weekly and continue to look for fabrics which adhere to the WHO guidelines. 


+64 21 443017

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
119192 The Costume Studio Corporate Mascots
119193 The Mascot Studio Corporate Mascots
119608 Elastix Elastic Jump Game
119191 The Mask Studio Filtered Face Masks


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