CD and AL Lawry Partnership

Trendz Outdoors is New Zealand's leading supplier and manufacturer of precast Outdoor Fireplaces. The business began in 2006 when founder, Charlie Lawry, wanted others to be able to enjoy the benefits he was enjoying with friends and family around the outdoor fireplace he had built. From there he made moulds and created a one piece concrete fireplace which is quick and easy to install meaning others can now be a part of his vision with minimal fuss.



+64 06 7552200

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115880 Trendz Outdoors Burton Outdoor Fireplace
115882 Trendz Outdoors Bushcooker
115878 Trendz Outdoors Douglas Outdoor Fireplace
115883 Trendz Outdoors Firepit
115879 Trendz Outdoors Hudson Outdoor Fireplace
115881 Trendz Outdoors Mini-Burton Outdoor Fireplace
115693 Trendz Outdoors Outdoor Fireplace


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