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Our business was founded while I owned and operated my family run business, Tuff Roto-Moulders, which was established by my father over 30 years ago.  After seeing the need for bathrooms that were completely portable and also looked nice with plenty of room, we used our manufacturing business to develop a product that is customisable and can be setup in all different environments.   Our bathrooms have been flown by helicopter into remote areas for forestry groups, used for off grid living and also plumbed into existing systems for residential use.   We find a solution for all bathroom setups.




+64 7 3484966

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120815 Tuff Transportable Range Tuff Basic Toilet / Shower
120814 Tuff Transportable Range Tuff Combo Tank
120817 Tuff Transportable Range Tuff Hydration Station
120816 Tuff Transportable Range Tuff Outdoor Shower


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