Vetopia Limited

With over two decades experience as a veterinarian, Dr David Gething saw a need for a new class of products for pets with one simple underlying philosophy…

Everything we create has a purpose

Every product is designed with the animal in mind; with health, wellness, quality and enjoyability being our primary goals and not just an afterthought. Further than this, Dr David and his team ensure that every product is designed with the planet in mind, using ethical, sustainable and reusable sources.

Our purpose was to create a range of pet foods, treats and products for all animals.

And we called it Animalkind.


+852 2 9159262

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
121744 Animalkind Canine Digestive+
121742 Animalkind Canine Wellness+
121745 Animalkind Feline Digestive+
121743 Animalkind Feline Wellness+
121747 Animalkind Hoki & Green-Lipped Mussel cat treats
121746 Animalkind Lamb & Manuka dog treats


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