Zealandia Honey Limited

From the land of rugged back country and lush native forest, where fire and ice of the volcanic plateau meets the water of Lake Taupō, Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, where our honey is crafted to perfection. We are passionate about creating a great product, not just honey in your average jar. We think outside the box, we use different textures for packaging our product in a way it has never been done before. We have set the bar for any company wanting to present their product not only for their aesthetics but also adding value to the planet.

New Zealand is part of the submerged continent called, Zealandia. It was described by poets of the 19th century as a new paradise. For us at Zealandia Honey, this truly reflects the unparalleled beauty of the country, its pristine waters, its deep forests, its glorious mountains, and the great rivers and lakes. We could not give our honey a better name as it reflects the beauty, richness, and authenticity of the country it comes from.

Every jar of Zealandia Honey is made to perfection. It is our pride and joy. We are involved every step of the way, from the land to the hive to the jar, in the processing, packing, and finally to you as our consumer. From the beekeepers we have chosen to be our premium suppliers, to blending and creaming our honey to that smooth and shiny texture and finally you the end consumer by displaying a wonderful product that is a treat to the eye. We stand by our product’s quality and integrity to ensure that you enjoy our product as much as we do.




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Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
118640 Zealandia Beeswax Foodwraps
118223 Native Forest Honey 500g
118224 Zealandia Honey Sachets - Bronze 10g
118226 Zealandia Honey Sachets - Forest Honey 10g
118225 Zealandia Honey Sachets - Silver 10g
118209 Zealandia Manuka - Bronze 250g & 500g
118213 Zealandia Manuka - Cobalt 250g
118214 Zealandia Manuka - Diamond 250g
118212 Zealandia Manuka - Gold 250g & 500g
118211 Zealandia Manuka - Rose Gold 250g & 500g
118210 Zealandia Manuka - Silver 250g & 500g
118220 Zealandia Native Honey - Cert Organic Clover 375g
118218 Zealandia Native Honey - Cert.Organic Kanuka 375g
118221 Zealandia Native Honey - Clover 375g
118219 Zealandia Native Honey - Kanuka 375g
118222 Native Rewarewa Honey 500g
118216 Zealandia Volcanic Manuka - Cobalt 250g
118217 Zealandia Volcanic Manuka - Diamond 250g
118215 Zealandia Volcanic Manuka - Organic Manuka 250g


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