iNZect Direct®

iNZect Direct is New Zealand's oldest specialized cricket farm and is the only insect farm in New Zealand producing both the black field cricket and black soldier fly larvae to the wholesale market as well as direct to the public. These nutrient-dense insects are produced in a custom-built farming system utilizing significantly less water, land, and feed resources in comparison to traditional livestock farming, while being in full-production for 365 days a year. Two kinds of high quality, plant immune-boosting frass fertilizers are created as a farming by-product and are the first NZ-produced frass products on the market. Insect frass fertilizers are a natural source of plant nutrients for gardening and farming, helping to create a pathway away from artificially produced, high-emission fertilizers.
iNZect Direct is now expanding from its established insectivore market into pet, poultry, and aquaculture feed in a drive to create sustainable feed options for New Zealand pet owners and farmers. This will focus on commercial production of black soldier fly larvae meal as an alternative protein source for animal feed, replacing both fishmeal and soybean meal which are used in conventional feed production. Utilizing insect meal as a feed ingredient has recently been approved in U.S. and EU marketplaces with insect farming being widely acknowledged as a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly system to produce protein for food and feed applications.



+64 22 0962203

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
120912 iNZect Direct Calcium Powder
118638 iNZect Direct Crickets Freeze-Dried
120915 iNZect Direct Gutload - insect food
118637 iNZect Direct iNZect® Frass Fertiliser
120914 iNZect Direct iNZect-meal®
120913 iNZect Direct Soldier Grubs® Freeze Dried


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