Nectar Care Limited

Nectar is here to help you make a change to non-toxic body and bath products with an eye on the environment. Beautiful fragrances, beautiful textures, beautiful results....

Originally focused on creating a set of body products for a child suffering from eczema for many years, we are excited to offer those products to all other families suffering the same plight. Our range has grown in response to customer requests and now offers growing body, bath and home products.

We never test on animals and pride ourselves on being cruelty-free.

We are also working very hard on changing packaging to provide eco-friendly alternatives as they become available to lessen our impact on the natural environment and only source our ingredients from ethical suppliers.



+64 2 74332216

Registered Products
Product Licence ID Brand Product
115663 Brown St Men by nectar beard balm
115664 Brown St Men by nectar beard oil
115665 Brown St Men by nectar Beard Wash
115654 nectar beeswax wraps
115637 nectar body souffle
115653 nectar butter bar
115659 nectar dog wash bar
115639 nectar facial jojoba serum
115660 Brown St Men by nectar facial moisturiser
115638 nectar facial scrubby masque
115635 nectar French Pear soap
115649 nectar fresh and kind solid deodorant
115658 nectar fur-resh coat spray
115636 nectar handmade soap
115644 nectar hydrate hand lotion
115634 nectar Kumquat soap
115661 Brown St Men by nectar lip balm
115640 nectar lip balme
115641 nectar lip refiner scrub
115666 Brown St Men by nectar massage oil
115657 nectar paw balm
115656 nectar reed diffuser refill
115655 nectar reed diffuser set
115648 nectar replenish eye cream
115651 nectar shaving mousse
115643 nectar smoothy conditioner bar
115652 nectar soothing balm
115642 nectar sudsy shampoo bar
115662 Brown St Men by nectar sudsy shampoo bar
115650 nectar super mag body scrub
115645 nectar viso day cream
115646 nectar viso night cream
115647 nectar viso youth facial cream


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